Reading, for me, is a great way to forget about the sucky world we live in just for a few hours. That being said, we do have it much better than most of the characters in post-apocalyptic books (insert your favorite 'the world is ending!' novel here). I can and will read just about anything but my favorite pool to float in is YA fiction choked full of romance (Yes, I'm guilty. Even the ones with cliches). My favorite books, surprisingly so are based on Greek mythology. I love to write but can never finish a story (beginning to think its a serious problem) so I have a folder full of about twenty documents with only about a dozen pages written. 

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Description: Choosing to love Orion was the beginning of the end. His love was her virulent. The problem was that loving Orion was all Olivia knew how to do.

Your story is so well written and you have a wonderful opening to the story. Like fantastic, I’m actually in love with your prologue (as horrific as their deaths were). Your descriptions are great and I love all the vivid adjectives you’ve used to set the beginning scene. From word to word and sentence to sentence your novel carries a certain flow that just makes everything fit. The last line of your prologue is also fantastic; there’s that sense of questioning. Who killed them? Why did they kill them? Why did they take Eli?! I had no choice but to continue reading because the questions where gnawing at my brain. Your first chapter was also very fluently written but what intrigues me the most is the relationship between Eli and Valen. Although we don’t exactly know what their relationship is, I love that sense of mystery. Many writers can’t insert the right amount of ambiguity and just leave the reader down-right annoyed but you’ve infused a perfect quantity. Overall, I really enjoyed reading your prologue and first chapter and I wish you good luck in the future!
      One tiny mistake:
      2nd pg, last paragraph “Maybe it’s a drug or some kind of diet think [thing]”