Hello everyone, I want to thank all my followers...
          	I have to say I was shocked, I started with few friends that I personally know, so I am very honored with every new follower who doesn't personally knows me.
          	Since I love reading a lot, and wattpad is almost begging to archive, so most of my beloved stories that I read you won't be able to see..
          	That's why I decided to make a book to share stories that I really really loved and enjoyed.
          	Ehhmm, please note that I have read more than 100 stories, so I am just picking few ;)
          	I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.


Thank you for reading, voting on, and adding  Our Arranged Marriage to your reading list! I love Thomas and Grace's story! I hope you check out my other stories. You may like Bountiful Blessings!


Hey! ☺ Thanks so much for voting for A Second Chance! I'm so grateful for the support! ❤️ 

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