Hi! I'm Cheezy and you are ? A what? A visitor . Oh yes a Visitor of my Page .

I'm a girl with a big glasses . I am that girl in my display picture but that's not my real face.Since it is summer , I love to sleep and type anytime I want .  I love to eat , eat and EAT OREO COOKIES which is my nephew's oreo and just steal them from our refridgerator . I'm a girl who can't explain Clearly in english and tagalog because I'm Bisaya or what you mean some kinda WAH CANT EXPLAIN .

I'm Lazy . I'm fat but some told me I had the normal body which a teen can have . BUT I TOLD THEM I AM FAT . So what if that's my point of view , Okay?

In real life , I am different . I am silent , responsible and smart but here , I dont know maybe I'm just a normal girl in a normal world and never been treated like a barbie.

So here is the whole me ...

A bipolar cheezy dramatic entertaining freaky good hot impatient jolly keen lame mean nameless oblivious peaceful quacky righteous sarcastic truthful ugly vain waggish  X-Rated Zebra .  

My Idols here in wattpad Are :



I was once a tinierme addict , a meez addict, Facebook addict , Book addict , anime addict and always a COMPUTER ADDICT . I am not a geek okay? It's Just I LOVE COMPUTER . But I didn't mean I can't live without it but I cant live without money XD.

I love nigahiga and KevJumba and so as YTF . I love the song Bromance coz it is so Gay . Hahha!

Follow me on twitter : http://www.twitter.com/KarenCheez

Presenting my Gang!

Gusto nio sali? Pwede !

"Feel free to vote , comment , be my fan, put my story in your library,promote my story"

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It started with an accident (On going)

Diary ng Lechon (on going)
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Story Reading List

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