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"Taxi driver, you're my shrink for the hour, just leave the meter running." -Frank Ocean (bad religion)

"It's a bad religion to be in love with someone who will never you...Unrequited Love"-Frank Ocean

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I DO NOT DO FOLLOW FOR FOLLOWS. this ain't twitter or Instagram. I follow people who have books I just can't get enough of. Don't like it? *kanye shrugs* oh well.

If you message me for a read request INTRODUCE YOURSELF FIRST before putting only a link to your book and expecting me to read. If you do that, real talk, I will ignore it and delete your message.

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Dippin' Low: Story of Honey Dip (Private chapter Links):
http://www.wattpad.com/25316303-dippin%27-low-the-story-of-honey-editing-chapter-5 (chapter 5)
http://www.wattpad.com/27039530-dipping-low-the-story-of-honey-dip-chapter-10?d=ud (10)
http://www.wattpad.com/26666709-dipping-low-the-story-of-honey-dip-chapter-7-side (chapter 7)
http://www.wattpad.com/27830753-dipping-low-the-story-of-honey-dip-chapter-12-easy( chapter 12)

Mr. Make Believe Private Chapters
http://www.wattpad.com/28766108-mr-make-believe-chapter-5-can%27t-do-no-wrong (chapter 5)

Highest ranking (11/1) Dippin' Low: A Girl named Cassandra: #122 General Fiction
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Mr. Make-Believe (An Urban, Chic-lit Novel)

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Description: *BE ADVISED, CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT. READ AT OWN DISCRETION* What if you had the power to create the perfect man and make him real through the power of a pen? Audrey Pain is a 25 year-old, self- acclaimed free-lance Erotica writer who does nothin...


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Dippin' Low: A Girl Named Cassandra (Book 2)

Dippin' Low: A Girl Named Cassandra (Book 2)

88.2K 2.7K 440

Before the tragedy, Before the death, Before the lies, Before the deception, Before the jealously, ...

Dippin' Low: The Story of Honey (EDITING)

Dippin' Low: The Story of Honey (EDITING)

1.1M 28.6K 4.1K

Cassandra Jones had big dreams growing up, the only one with any kind of dreams in her family. . She mad...

Mature Completed
Student Services (ON HOLD)

Student Services (ON HOLD)

46.8K 1.1K 145

"Mikayla?" I nodded my head. With a sigh of relief and a perfectly white smile he extended his beautiful...

chaterboxxx commented on Trading Places - Chapter 2 Part 2

would have whooped that girl asse first. aint no talking to marcus. that could wait till we got home but her asse would have been dealt with right then and there.
      wait that's the end of the chapter? no i need morrreeeeeeeee. oh btw idk if you saw but i shouted you out to my followers. i  tagged you in but i dont know if you got the notification. :)
So...you ever come across an undiscovered book that you know needs a lot more recognition than the few reads that it gets? Well I just came across a book like that a couple of days ago called Trading Places and I have to say I am very impressed.  It is a New book so she only has a few chapters, but those are enough to get you hooked hunny! She writes clearly, descriptive and excellent grammar.  Its a titillating  read with the juiciness of betrayal,  Love, love scenes that make you wanna grab you a lover and of course the no good man who just can't get his shxt together while trying to maintain a family in the music industry. (Not a fan-fict) Plus her main character is played by the one and only sexy Megan Good.  Who wouldn't want to read about her? lol .I challenge ya'll to read something new and with this Author, @ShaniyahGoddest you will not be disappointed. 
      Trading Places by @ShaniyahGoddest. You'll be glad I recommended it to you.