Aanhin ko ang marami followers ko di niyo naman ako kinakausap. TT~TT


As you've noticed, my background is the outer space. It is specifically chosen to represent another universe. I want you guys to feel that whenever you read my stories/writings, you immediately go to an alternate universe where you are free to imagine whatever you want. *o*

Check out my stories! :)

Your comments, votes, critiques are highly encouraged and appreciated! <3

I would love to read your stories! Don't hesitate dedicating one. ;)
I don't usually fan back that easily but if I find you and your stories interesting, I wouldn't mind.

PLEASE WAG KANG MAHIYANG KAUSAPIN AKO! let's be friends, okay? ^^

Sorry if His Rival 12-14 are outside the book. I can't put it in so I reposted it instead. I did not delete it though because I value your votes, number of reads and comments. :)

ASK FM!!!! ----> http://ask.fm/chastityfrey

Meet my pretty, thoughtful, naughty (in a good way) and awesome little sisters. <3
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@AllRiseSilver861015 - Kate baby dongsaeng

Together we are known as @ChastiSiBloo and we can surely kick your butt! :P
Befriend us and we'll guarantee you a seat on our epic concerts!! Gomawoyo~ ♥


I don't update everyday because of school and work responsibilities but I will try though. :)

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Hello guize!! I miss you<3 holla back if you miss me. chos.
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His Rival [HIATUS]

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Description: My mortal enemy and at the same time my friend. Is he also my hidden desire? I think not!! How will he ever see me as a prospect when he has always seen me as HIS RIVAL? Links below are pictures of the chara...


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