Ah well, Hola. 
I never know what to write in these thangs.

But here I go.

"My life is complicated, but simple. I'm just passing through my share of existence, but I'm going to change the world. I'm just like everybody else, but I stand out. I'm confident, I second guess myself. I trust everyone, I trust no one. I don't care, I care too much. Happy, yet sad. Brave, yet scared. This is me. I'm still figuring out who I am. I'm on this journey of life, and sometimes I'll take the wrong turns. But for now, I'm just trying to make the best of things."

Talk to me! I'm really nice & I don't bite thaaat hard... (;
If ya ever need someone to talk to, I'm here <3


When I am older I will have a little girl.
I will name her Stacy.
I will be Stacy's mom.
And I will have it going on.

The best things in life are unseen;
that's why we kiss, cry and dream with our eyes closed.

► play the moments ▌▌pause the memories ■ stop the pain ◄◄ rewind the happiness

I'm hyper. And hungry. But I'm like always hungry.

Nutella is my adddicctionnnn.

Yerp, that's really all I have to say.
Not that you care. You were bored so you read this, I was bored so I wrote it.
So... come again, you know you want to ;P

Au revoir, adios, ciao or whatever other languages you speak. Either way, BYE <3

Stay gold.
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