Many of you are probably already aware of this due to experience, but I have come online to find several atheist accounts spamming my page and replying to comments immaturely. I apologize if it has created any offense. I have blocked and reported so that this will hopefully no longer be an issue. 


@maybefanfics Oh my, I am so sorry. They are so rude for doing that. I hope they find their way to God, hopefully they'll see the light like us. I'll pray for you and them. Forever in my prayers, in Jesus's name, Amen.


I really love your book
          This is a great dose of everyday nourishment
          I will share your book with all my Christian friends


I really love your story of powerful truth message to help gods word spread the world that can change their people turn turn into the jesus path led to right way. We want to said thank your courage written update as inspiration. Keep up the awesome author! 


I really love your book... I haven't finished it yet because I am busy these days... May the Lord bless you and guide you...
          I want an advice please...... I am like a phone addict and I am someone who gets good marks and tops the class( I am not praising myself) but I am addicted to my phone So help me please......


@MoaLongchar9 thanks for the reply