I have a dirty little secret that takes up 95% of my day. It's a borderline addiction (turning into lunacy as you will notice), one that I would assume to be similar to crack.  This secret is changing my daily schedule, train of thought, opinions (for the better) of society and myself. 
I know I'm not the only addict of Wattpad fanfics with troubled thoughts and self esteem to match, so all you sinners stand up with me....Let me see your jazz hands, and sing Hallelujah, for the ones who'll hate your guts till your lungs give out and let it move right through ya, because we know that it could be and we know that it should and you know that you feel it too especially when Mr Benzedrine says we should blow off steam at Nine In The Afternoon and you could 'cause you can so you do while yelling "I Don't Care!" for the simple reason that This Ain't A Scene It's A God Damn Arms Race and we will be Victorious in preaching this on manic street.
Wow, What A Catch....What A Catch. Now I may be a stray dog sick, but Sugar, My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark and may I ask where is your boy tonight? Would you rather be a widow or a divorcée cause finders keepers losers weepers. Put on your war paint because I Am an American Beauty, all dressed up and naked loving all my weaknesses that make me who I am, and I'm taking back the crown. Now, get up and Go, Sing this for the world.
See?! Lunacy. BUT Ya it's cool, Ill be ok. I promise. Dry your eyes. Oh Brother.

If you got this far, I make my reading lists for organizational purposes (I do not write, but I do edit if asked). Feel free to use them.
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