Sorry for this rant, but I have something I need to say: 
          	Don't you ever dare accuse me of plagiarizing someone when you don't have your facts straight. Some themes in my story are quite common in romance stories in general. I myself have been plagiarized multiple times on different platforms and to be accused of stooping so low as to take someone else's work and claim it as my own is just offensive. I am utterly disgusted by people who just see a glimpse of a similarity and immediately accuse me of violating copyright. Even if I say I haven't, you'll still think I'm lying. Seriously? Go on. Do an investigation on whatever it is you're accusing me of. I guarantee you'll see I'm innocent -.-
          	Sorry guys, gonna take a while for wattpad version of BBD to be written. Some people have just ticked me off and I'm so busy- it's not a good combination at all. 
          	Trying to focus on Episode 26 -.-


@charmianc They are just jealous


this message may be offensive
@charmianc FUCK EVERYONE WHO THINKS SHE'S PLAGIARISING. (Btw I'm not some horny bastard who loves reading sex stories, I'm just glad that there is a famous writer with over 10mil reads on episode that is from Australia


@charmianc its ok! even half-decent people would know that your work is your own (cough cough). Maybe you were inspired by another work. So? That doesn't mean you didn't put all the work into it and create it. obviously they're just exceptionally stupid, and don't realize the pressure you must be under. I love your work, and without a doubt it took your mind to come up with a plot as good as this one.


Hi writers!
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          1) .boss is annoying (completed)
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Hi I just finished BBD on episodes, I was wondering what is the story that completes that book??? What happens after the baby is born and that happens to Christian???????? I need answers 
          BTW I LOVE YOUR WORK!!!  lol


@Fangirl011987 Wait so the complete story is available on Episode? I thought that she didn't update anymore cuz she accidentally deleted it


Your story on episode is AMAZING, I just downloaded wattpad so I could take a look at ur profile since everyone was mentioning it in the Q&A section of your story Billionare Baby Daddy. You are AMAZING! I love your talent and I wanted to ask u, did u dream of becoming an author or do u just have an amazingly awesome talent ❤❤


Hey just wanted to tell u that you are an amazing author and I would love to know if u are making an episode 29 for BBD ? ❤️ #bestepisodeever 


Hey, I started BBD on episode a while ago but had to delete the app. I finally got it back but I can't find your story. It won't let me search for It? Any idea of how I could find It?  


@khlo_2004 the story has been deleted


          I’ve read BBD on episode and saw in your Q&A that you’ve wrote it here but I can’t find it and I really would like to read it here in more detail.
          I love your story btw!❤️


Was BBD deleted (on here) or am I glitching?


It’s not deleted. It’s still on Episode :)


Same it doesn’t show up for me either 


Are you ever going to finish this? I know I'm not the only one who really wants to see more of this book because we love it!!