HI!!! My name is Jamie! My nickname is Jay-G! 

My favorite animal is a giraffe, then a bunny, then a WHALE! Hahaha

My favorite foods are:
Chimichangas and beef jerky/deer jerky

I like to make YouTube videos with my cousin Celeste, and my friends! If you want to see them go to YouTube, then type Celesteandjamie04 and ta da! Our videos should pop up!

Ummmm....idk what else to say! Sooo Bye! I love you! Hahaha!


<3 Chappytherabbit!
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chappytherabbit chappytherabbit Sep 24, 2012 03:07AM
@IrishSprings Thank you for reading my book! :D haha and I'll start reading your book tonight! Thank you very much for telling me about it! You're freaking awesome! Thanks :D 
            ~chappytherabbit! :P 
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June Woods! (Book 2!)

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Description: The second book to June Runioni! June is getting married!! Erin will have to deal more with her craziness! Will they be able to stay together? I dont know! read the book yourselves! :D


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