I'm a fun-loving author from the nation's capital who specializes in YA sci-fi and paranormal fiction. Writing's been my passion since elementary school, and I'm always using my imagination to create incredible new worlds for people like you to explore. So take a look around, explore my universe, and enjoy yourself. You're going to like what you see!
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Stories by Conor Casey
The Tribes of Atlantis (Inspectre adventure #4) by ccasey6
The Tribes of Atlantis (Inspectre adventure #4) Teen Fiction
Earthquakes in London? The entire city is baffled and alarmed, and, quite frankly, so are paranormal investigators Edward Baker, the Inspectre, and newcomer Slosh. Their only lead? A gypsy's mysterious prediction t...
The Ghastly Corsairs (Inspectre adventure #3) by ccasey6
The Ghastly Corsairs (Inspectre adventure #3) Teen Fiction
A ghost ship has been sighted off the coast of London, and guess who's gotten the call? Paranormal investigators Edward Baker and the Inspectre will have to move quickly before a swarm of undead pirates led by the...
The Night Terrors (Inspectre adventure #2) by ccasey6
The Night Terrors (Inspectre adventure #2) Teen Fiction
Something foul is afoot in the sleepy townhouses of London. Without warning, hideous monsters start appearing from under children's beds at night, and the children are too afraid to sleep. What are these monsters...