I'm a fun-loving author from the nation's capital who specializes in YA sci-fi and paranormal fiction. Writing's been my passion since elementary school, and I'm always using my imagination to create incredible new worlds for people like you to explore. So take a look around, explore my universe, and enjoy yourself. You're going to like what you see!
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The Tribes of Atlantis (Inspectre adventure #4)

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Description: Earthquakes in London? The entire city is baffled and alarmed, and, quite frankly, so are paranormal investigators Edward Baker, the Inspectre, and newcomer Slosh. Their only lead? A gypsy's mysterious predict...


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The Ghastly Corsairs (Inspectre adventure #3)

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The Night Terrors (Inspectre adventure #2)

The Night Terrors (Inspectre adventure #2)

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The Statue of Set (Inspectre adventure #1)

The Statue of Set (Inspectre adventure #1)

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As a police sergeant in late 19th Century London, Edward Baker's life is quite routine. But that all cha...