During April 2017's Camp NaNo, I decided to first finish my current WIP [the first in a cozy mystery series] then shift my focus for the rest of the year from novels to short stories. Short stories allow me to practice finishing things, creating a beginning, middle, and end. Not to mention, it'll help with brevity and with finding the words with the most impact. Does the sage advice "Kill your darlings"* mean anything to anyone here?

Ray Bradbury once said, "Write a short story every week. It's not possible to write fifty-two bad short stories in a row." Maybe I want to disprove his theory, or maybe I just want to exercise my literary muscle to improve. Either way, when I've finished with this novella, I will write a short story each week and share it here.

What I tend to write and read: cozy mysteries, thrillers, literary fiction, contemporary YA, contemporary middle grade, magical realism [literary fiction].

I'll stick mostly to these types of stories since I'm more comfortable with them; however, I may step outside those boundaries and try new things. Nothing is off-limits, and this is purely for the fun and education of it. 

*Stephen King, the king himself, said that in his classic writing guide called "On Writing." It's a wonderful book that I highly recommend reading at least once. Or ten times. However many you chose.
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