Oh hi, thanks for checking in. Im ~still a piece of garbage~

Russia is my carpet yo

@bunsbeep iluilu~

✐ I do indeed enjoy art
✐ Quite the bxb reader
✐ Satan would be proud

Dont fucking tag me in tags ok its not cool unless ur a close friend i dont wanna do shit

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Shower or show - what is better?

Yall freaks

Negative bios make the expresso taste depresso

*pfp is Dimitri. Dimitri is my son.*

I got told to kill myself and go die, and that im the reason theres safe places in college earlier this week because i asked why people on ig thought cheating was a form of comedy

(I aint offended by the cheating thing, but im offended by the bad humour and how people can call videos 'when rich vs poor people cheat' and 'when you cheat on your girl😱😂😱' comedy like what are you drinking you motherfucker
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