Hey guys, my names Cassady. Ive been reading wattpad for a while now, but just recently my friends talked me into writing one. So i started writing "What You Deserve" thank you everyone whos read it. i get that its probably pretty bad, like I said it's the first i have ever writen.
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This story is so amazing I've been on a road trip with my family for 11 hours and I have read like all of it and I cannot wait for you to update again. It was actually really awesome that you just updated because I was on the chapter before this one so I almost had nothing to do which would have been terrible. Also your story is so amazing usually the boys have like the same exact personalities in every story and at first it was hard to get into but now I am definitely feeling it. It's like really connected too not choppy at all I love the structure. But now I'm like conflicted cause you can so tell luke is hurting but is calum actually mean who know you do so just keep updating thank you
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"You didn't - " I stopped myself before I could finish my sentence, figuring that it really wasn't the best time to ask what I had been planning to. Luke was happy right now, I didn't want to ruin it.
Seriously wth why not talk to him