We are a parent-kid writing team, creating wacky and weird stories for elementary school students!  The younger one supplies the ideas and characters, and the older one arranges them into story form.  We both have engineering minds, so there is a LOT of science (both real and fantasy) that creeps into our tales.

Previously, we've written 2 books about the inventor cat, Pink Kitty, and her equally eccentric friends.

* Pink Kitty and the Meowy Moon Halloween Candy Mystery
* Pink Kitty and the Very Not Peaceful Valentine's Day (the wacky sequel)
-> Next up: Pink Kitty and the Very Embarrassing and All Too Piratey Treasure Hunt (coming after November's challenge)

Join us as we take the NaNoWriMo challenge for our first "serious" kid lit book: The Birthday Wars.

We have a blog, but it's not updated very much.
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