Ok we gunna get dis SHIT straight the first time! 

I ship Larry, Niam, and Zerrie, mainly, but I also ship Ziall, Ziam, and Zialliam! If you don't like gays or think everyone is equal,
then go suck an old man's DICK with saggy balls!

I love One Direction, and I DO NOT have a favorite! And anybody wanna challenge me to One Direction Trivia, bring it bcuz I have a lotta SHIT about all of them memorized!

I love Eminem's music, it is the best SHIT in da rap FUCKING business, and if you think he's fake, then go FUCK your cousin, bcuz he is a GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKING legend and doesn't need to dis the FUCKING president just to get publicity, when everyone loves him and his music!

Plz go check out my best friends @fandom-trash-101
@Brookethefnaffangirl, if u like fnaf and wanna see me roast her ASS in da MOTHERFUCKING comments,and if you like Larry go check out my friend @Panter166, her stories are dope and she is an awesome writer! Also, go check out my friend @larryfourlifemydudes bcuz she has a great personality!

Now, this was supposed to be a GODDAMN description, so here goes. I am a GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKING girl, and I am twelve, I am in sixth grade, and it sucks a rat's ASS, literally! I am straight, I don't listen to nobody bcuz 99.999% of ppl don't know half the BULLSHIT they think they do. As I am sure u can see, this BITCH ASS BASTARD has some GODDAMN anger issues. i think that is all, don't take anything I say to heart, at the end of the day, I mean it as a joke, so plz don't take anything to heart.
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