Hey, my name's Natasha -- but you can call me Tash. I've had a Wattpad account for a while now, and although I've attempted to write my own stories and put them up here, my main use for this is to read other people's work. I thoroughly enjoy passing the time in this way.

I've been told I can write well by a few people who've read my work, but I'm too self-critical, so I'll always think that I'll never be great. But I'm practicing and I'm learning, and I can say with certainty that I'm a better writer than I was a year ago.

I am very fandom-orientated, and I love fictional characters so much I sometimes cry over them. If anyone's up for a discussion on some fictional characters we both mutually love, I'll be right here.

Until next time, stay golden! x
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Description: "Today, I reached a horrifying conclusion about something... I realised I might be a little bit in love with you." A series of letters, written from one friend (our dashing Joe) to his best friend (the dear Isobel), as he struggles with accepting t...