i'm losing my patience. 
          	if i don't start writing a ff for Sihtric from The Last Kingdom i'm going to lose my sht...
          	who would want to read it?


          hi loves, i'm back. 
          i was gone because i had some mental health problem and i couldn't update AT ALL. 
          i've been working on my health for the past few months and it helped me so so much. 
          i feel wayyy better. 
          i feel like i'm in a whole new chapter in my life.
          a better chapter.
          anyways, i'll be updating all my books. 
          i've missed writing so so much and i'm so excited to start again with all my new ideas for upcoming books and existing characters in my books. 
          thank you for staying with me
          thank you for reading my books 
          thank you for supporting me
          much love


hi loves,
          i have a whole week to update any book, so let me know which one i should update first <3 


@callmebien Can you please update your Gyeok-Chan book if you can 


            2. heart of glass - teen wolf Derek hale


@callmebien Can you please update the Heart of glass if your comfortable. I just love all your stories