This might sound mean but if you have no intention of completing the book,take it down. It's a good book one of the best I've ever read and alot of people will keep finding it and reading it only to realise it was last updated four years ago. So to spare all of us the heart ache and disappointment. Take the book down if you're not going to complete it. And yes I'm well aware writing a book is not easy and it takes a lot of courage to share your work but imagine all the hearts you've broken and will be broken.
          from a heartbroken reader


Please update your book. I was sad when I got to the last chapter but then I cried when I saw the last time you updated the book. Please don't break my heart. This is one of the best books ever...


Hi. I'm a fan now. So please update your book, Alaric's Poison. Thank you. Such a beautiful talented that you have. 


That moment you're engrossed in one of the most beautiful and intense books you've ever read and it all just stops. 
          Oh my goodness my world died.
          You're an amazing writer. I pray you get to finish the book soon 


Hey girl so I totally get what your saying about escaping realitly when you write! I escape by reading good books. Alarics poison is a really good escape. If you want any advice on stuff just ask me.. I have lived life a little  lol 


Why haven't you updated Alaric's poison? Are you okay??


What's that quite from???


Hey I love the book Alaric poison  but I was wondering if u could tell me the song on it plzzzz I really what to know plzzz


Hey the song above Alaric poison what is the song 




I'm about to shoot myself. I fu**ing wrote another chapter aka 18th AND DELETED IT ACCIDENTALLY 
            I'm so pissed, I can't