I'm a retired Information Systems Manager and Vietnam Veteran in the USMC Air-Wing. 

Not long after I got out of the service, I remember telling my college councilor in Behavioral Science, I was going to double major in Film. He leaned over and told me, "You realize film is psychotic?"

I thought it a rather negative spin on the Arts. Undoubtedly he saw himself as a scientist with no room for illusion. Yes, the arts are born from our imaginations but so was science.

He felt the Arts were to fanciful and later suggested I get a BA instead of a BS degree. But I fancied a job at the American Film Institute after graduation.

I've always believed Science is our ability to predict and manipulate the Universe and the rest is just Philosophy.

I ended up with a career in Computer Science and a degree in Office Politics 101. I finally have time to do some things I like to do just for fun. One of my hobbies is Astrophysics... go figure.

Why am I here at Wattpad?

First, my second book. I am here at Wattpad for a focus group. I would love input on my characters and plot line. The book opens with a love story. The demographic audience here is just what I'm looking for. I thought I might share about 20,000 words of it here.

Second, I'm doing the final draft of my first book. I'm hoping to get some valuable comments from the readers here to make it the best possible.

It has been a long time since I was in school. I'm sure I have forgotten some stuff. Feel free to point it out. I will take everything I learn here and apply it to finishing my books.
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