I'm a girl and I'm 18 years old and currently live in New Jersey with my mom. My parents are divorced and I have an older brother who has been my best friend and my support since forever. I play basketball and volleyball. I love watching sports and I'm currently super excited about they olympics. I love movvies and stuff like that below I will list some other things about me later but now lets get back to my writing:) I don't have any professional writing skills or background. I've been writing since I was eight and I just really fell in love in with it. When I write my stories I go inside and think as if I was that person. I'm always reading I love it. Reading to me is relaxing I feel as if its a distraction from all the things in my busy life. As I have said before I don't have any professional help so SUGGESTIONS ARE ALWAYS HELPFUL BUT PLEASE KEEP THEM FROM BEING RUDE because I can be quiet a bitch sometimes. PLEASE READ AND TELL ME HOW YOU THINK:)

My Works:
Your Place In My Heart
Immortal Love (maybe
First True Love Second Chance
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Your Place In My Heart

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Description: Abby Bloomwood is a very lucky woman. At the age of twenty-six her life pretty much looks perfect. She's young and sucessful. She was in a stable relationship.Her life was moving all in the right direction. Un...


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Story Reading List

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