Hello my name is Zenovia which is hard to pronounce I know :) but just do your best.

I'm one of the Talent scouts for The Next Big Recognition contest and a cowriter of the Fear Factory Anthology. If you'd like me to check out your book just PM me:)

I love writing and reading. I mostly write about Mythology because I love Mythology so much. But I can write about just about anything if given the subject. My books read like anime episodes because of a preference that I have.

I'm friendly but shy and polite. I can write anything from Fanfiction to nonfiction.

I love all types of music even foreign so I'll listen to anything. I love really love Fall out boy, anime, video games, Japanese music, writing and Mythology.

I play what ever video game matches my mood. I'm a hardcore gamer though. I'm part of the Tales Of series fandom and the Persona Fandom because I've watched too many anime.

The slogan for my books is "hell yes for realistic and depressing."

Some facts about me:

I'm a published author if you would like to purchase my book Sandman on Amazon please follow the link provided in the book:)

I've been writing and playing video games since I was little.

I absolutely love animals.

I have a weird form of heterochromia.

First ever anime: Conan the detective.

First video game: Super Mario World

Some of my friends:










I also follow them and chat with them frequently

The Next Big Recognition Contest link:


Check them out and please be nice to them.

Also since people keep asking I'm sorry but I do not do follow for follow I'll check out your work but please don't ask me to follow you just because you followed me. Follow me because you legitimately like my work or something like that, thank you:)
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Tomorrow night on my YouTube channel Butterballporkbun Amvs I'll be streaming Final Fantasy 15 at 9:00 pm eastern time so yeah. Come watch me screw around in a JRPG.
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