@stephmcquadex oooh, what's your job? i'm okay! just started year ten and GCSE years... quite difficult-_- i haven't written in ages!


thts so cool, i do ballet as well!!!! this is my 8th year! im gonna go read some of ur stories now....... so bye!:) ~Anna~


im a traineeim a trainee stylist:) so im working all day five days a week, tuesday to saturday.. and oh good luck, i just got all my qualifications in august! i passed all mine successfully:D im sure you'll do great  in yours! and me too, ive got a little thing in my drafts but im not gonna upload it till im fully confident in it:) 


@luucycoupee your book is awesome! your such a gifted writer! I think my books are more from the crazy imagination in my head and then I can't keep up with it haha!! yeah I'm doing fine, started in my job and training, how have you been?:)<3