Hi, everyone! Here's an interview (the interviewee is me! Heehee!) So...yeah. I hope you guys learn more about me from there :P Thanks for visiting my profile!

1. What is your name?

Hi. My name is Esha.

2. How old are you?

That's a little creepy, but I'll just say I'm in high school.

3. What is your favorite drink?

Deffs Heineken. I like getting drunk every night and eating platypi meat. Mehehehehe.

4. No seriously. What is your favorite drink?

Fine. Fanta

5. Favorite book series of all time?

Harry Potter

6. Favorite movie franchise of all time?


7. Favorite character from favorite book/movie?


8. Favorite shipping from favorite book/movie?


9. Favorite TV show?

The Vampire Diaries

10. Favorite shipping from favorite TV show?


11. Favorite book character of all time?

Gale Hawthorne

12. Is he/she the main character?

No...well, he is one of them in the third book (which sucked, by the way.)

13. Who do you ship him/her with?


14. What is your personality like?

Bouncy, bubbly, happy, HP-obsessed. I have easy OCD's.

15. What do you love doing?

Playing/listening to music, writing, reading (which I don't really have time to do anymore...), watching TV (The Vampire Diaries FTW!), going shopping, drawing, texting, Angry Birds, Tiny Wings, and Cut the Rope. I also have a crazy obsession with Damon Salvatore.

16. Are you happy to be on Wattpad?

Of course I am! :) I hope you guys like my writing, I really do! :)
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