Hello everyone!  

For introductions, I am 16 years old, but please do not underestimate my writing capability because of my age. Don't overestimate it either because of that former statement. I do believe I can be a decent writer, but I still have many areas to improve on. On the bright side, I am happy to say that I am getting better as I write, a testament to the fact that I cringe at work I've written a month ago, and then cringe again a month later at the previously 'current' work.

Regarding Wattpad, I return all favors. Whatever you give me, whether they're comments or follows or likes, will be returned. However, I only give you what you give me, and I'll only give extra if I see that you're trying and being genuine, for I can tell whether or not you're truly reading my story. It's not just me- all authors can see through the fallacies of fake readers (lol the alliteration). So give a lot = take a lot. Give a little = take a little.

Other than that, have great day. I don't want to obscure your reading with too many of my personal facts, save the few I've mentioned above. Personality will show in my writing. However, I'm never unkeen to revealing info about myself. Shoot me a direct message and I can talk forever.

See you guys around :)

[Note: THE TOWER'S SECRET IS CURRENTLY ON HIATUS, so please read my current story "Powerless" if you can. I still need a lot of feedback on that on]
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