Hi! I'm Lia.
I love to read duh! My favorite books incude the Lux Series, The Infernal Devices, and The Divergent Series just to name a few.
My favorite tv shows are Teen Wolf, New Girl, and Game Of Thrones. Before I hear anything about saying "Why would you watch Game Of Thrones? It's for guys cause....well you know!" I would like to say to you to please get off my profile. I watch it becuase of the story line and the great characters- Daenerys Targeryan and Tyrion Lannister. There is so much more to this show than just "tits and wine" so do not judge it.
My favorite color is lavender! :)
I also really love food! My favorite foods have to be brownies, burgers, and fries. If I can I would eat fries with my milkshake or ice cream which if you haven't tried yet, you NEED to!
I don't know really what else to say besides please read my books, comment, vote and subscribe! :) Thanks!
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