Well to start it off my name is Anitria. I love meeting new people, bt wen it comes to the socializing I look like this •_• anyway I gt bored really quick and ill probably jus stare at u. I love reading and poetry. I even do my own. I love animae, comics, and video games. I like to be unique, and im totally original. I do what I wanna do and live life to the fullest, I love having a good time. I have this sorta don't f wit me vibe bt once you gt to know me it melts away.
This is my first time on a website like this and I LOVE IT TO DEATH. This isn't my first time writing though. I have a few stories I want to put on here, and feel free to comment, If you like it than ok and thanks :),but if you don't keep your comments to your self and shut the freak up. I will not and I repeat will not tolerate rudeness, so u cn take your comments and shove them right up your butt, sorry for going overboard, but that's how I feel. Thx and I hope you like my stories, please comment and tell if its good or not.
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britishnut22 britishnut22 Dec 22, 2012 01:00AM
ok im finally putting books on here i jus cant find time and i dont have a computer
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Description: Some people think the life of a bad boy is all peaches and cream, but we all know its not. Some of us choose to live this life, and some have no choice. We all probably think living the life of a bb is full o...


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