My name is Brianna, just getting by one obsession at a time.
Coffee Enthusiast. Cat Lover. Tea Connoisseur. I fall in love about 10,436 times a day. Traveler. Teenage dirtbag. Man-bun lover. I watch way too many tv shows.

dont be afraid to inbox me, or comment on a story telling me or asking me something, or if you just want to talk, im all ears all the time.

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Thank you all my readers!
Much love,
Bri xx
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briipx briipx Jan 07, 2016 07:27PM
Hey again! GO check out my new story which i've just changed up a bit right now so I changed the title and concept up a bit. so it is now called, "Accidentally Becoming a Groupie" and my other new st...
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Accidentally Becoming A Groupie {5SOS}

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Description: Estelle Winters was tired of her usual routines and life in general. Eager to explore and see what else is out there in the world other than just school. When the opportunity arose for her to get out of the or...


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Strictly Professional {Michael Clifford}

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