My name is Brianna, just getting by one obsession at a time.
Coffee Enthusiast. Cat Lover. Tea Connoisseur. I fall in love about 10,436 times a day. Traveler. Teenage dirtbag. Man-bun lover. I watch way too many tv shows.

dont be afraid to inbox me, or comment on a story telling me or asking me something, or if you just want to talk, im all ears all the time.

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Thank you all my readers!
Much love,
Bri xx
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briipx briipx Jan 07, 2016 07:27PM
Hey again! GO check out my new story which i've just changed up a bit right now so I changed the title and concept up a bit. so it is now called, "Accidentally Becoming a Groupie" and my other new st...
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Strictly Professional {Michael Clifford}

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