i just want to say that your book is awesome! i cried while reading it, we can feel the emotions through the words, and yes a happy ending! i love ex-wife story but there are almost never good stories :/
          anyway, it was excellent. 
          but i have some questions because i didn’t really understand: 
          - the mariage in the last chapter was Jeremy and Zander’s right ?
          - are the female protagonist (i forgot her name) & James are dating? 
          (i hope asher is proud of his parents)


Hi! Thank you for reading! 
            For your questions: yes it was Jeremy and Zander’s wedding!(: 
            And as for Adeline and James. I want to leave that to the readers! Lovers? Crazy duo? Best Friends? What do you think? (; 
            Thank you so much for reading and the feedback! I wanted to write an ex-wife story that had an ending different to the ones i’ve seen! 
            Much Love <3 


Just wanted to say that your book is sooooooooo freaking amazing!! You really have a beautiful mind!! I cried throughout the book like 10 times!! And the ending is just beautiful!!!  I haven't been reading on wattpad much nowadays but after a very long time you brought out the crazy reader in me who always had to finish a book in one read!!! I don't know why babbling here!! But loved your book!!!


Aww thank you  this is my first story so im glad you like it!!! Thank you reading it!! 


I just want to let you know I absolutely love your book and I really appreciate you writing it.❤️❤️❤️ Like it’s so different from the rest. The ones I have read they usually end up going back to their ex-husband or either showing them what they are missing out on, not that there is anything wrong with that lol, but you bring something new to the table with Theo realizing his mistakes and genuinely trying to earn her forgiveness and them becoming “friends” instead of her harboring hatred towards him.


I appreciate you taking the time to read my story! This was my first story so i was nervous whether or not readers would like it! Thank you for the feedback!!