‣ Break (ブレイク) Mwango.
‣ Been writing since I was 11 [long story short: my TV broke, I got bored, picked up a book, fell in love with reading, toyed with writing, now it's my life].
‣ Certified panda.
‣ Featured Author.
‣ Beautifully multiracial {Russian, Kenyan, Mongolian}.
‣ Lover of dark fantasy, twisted romance, Japanese folklore, K-n-Jdramas, acting, films, and TV shows.
‣ Repeatedly indulges in second-lead syndrome, which is frustrating to my heart and blood pressure.
‣Member of #EliteBookClub .
‣Queen of being absentminded to a dangerous and life-threatening extent, and forgetfulness to a worrying degree.

‣INK STAINED - #42 Fantasy - winner of the #ABA2017 {Anime Themed Books Awards} and 3rd place winner of The Undiscovered Writer's Award in Dark Fantasy
‣RAVENDOWN - #37 Historical Fiction - Featured
‣Veiled {competition entry} - #450 Science Fiction

‣INK STAINED - ongoing, regular updates on Fridays
‣RAVENDOWN - completed, sequel coming late 2017 early-mid 2018, possibly 2019.
‣THE HISTORY OF MAN - completed, with sporadic to non-existent updates.
‣Veiled {the HERCULEAN Challenge} - competition entry

Social Media
‣Facebook: Break Mwango
‣DeviantArt: break_mwango
‣Twitter: break_mwango
‣Instagram: break_mwango
‣Disqus: break_mwango

These people are awesome

‣Do not send reading requests. I'm so very, very picky with what I read and I will 100% ignore you.

‣I live off of comments, and reply to them, so please do comment!

‣Dark Fantasy | Romance | Historical Fiction | Science Fiction |

‣Participating in @TheCRYPTIC_ 's The HERCULEAN Challenge

Majority of writing is flipping tables:

  \\ _
   \( ¬_¬) F
    < ⌒ヽ A
   /   へ\ B
   /  / \\ U
   レ ノ   ヽ_つ L
  / / O
  / /| U
 ( (ヽ S
 | |、\
 | 丿 \ ⌒)
 | |  ) /
'ノ )  Lノ [not really, actually,
(_/ just above averagely normal]
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break-mwango break-mwango Apr 15, 2017 07:11AM
Woohoo!!! INK STAINED is at 10K reads!!!(might not sound or be much, but that's still a huge deal for my baby)Thank you to everyone who's read, commented, and voted on my story, I love you guys...
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