Her passion and imagination was so vast and so wild, it came curling from the top of her head --Mari Fahel McKimzey

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INFP. Ambivert. Furry Pride. Cat Mum. Ace Shieldmaiden. 7+-Year Recovery Warrior. Gamer. Onomatopoeian. Psychology & Fitness Enthusiast. Manga/Anime/Furry Artist. Graphic Designer. Abstract Surrealist. Abrastract/Post Expressionist. Bookdragon. Authoress. Poet. World Builder. Blogger/Vlogger. Photographer. Music Lover


Celtic Christian, Reformed Protestant, Calvanist, Trinitarian, 6-literal-day Creationist, Ragamuffin

Luceo Non Uro ✠,
Arianna Joy Schaffer ☧
(Mari Fahel McKimzey ⚔)
[Misty Aarin Donnhaidgh 🐾]

Part Pemma

Part Afaena

Healer Warrioress

Heritage Pride 🇺🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇩🇪🇮🇱🇵🇭

Full-time Dreamer

LOADING .mjfm the Freaky Radical 100% ██████████

10% Free-spirited Child
20% Intellectual badass
30% Vocabulary Devourer
40% Socially Unacceptable
50% Studious Healer Warrior
60% Sweet-spice Ambiversion
70% Courageous Gryphon Wing
80% Ragamuffin Child-like Faith
90% Uniquely Intense Storyteller

Every nation has an anthem. Every song begins unsung, unwritten, and silent, then all of a sudden it bursts out with melodies, choruses, and vocals! Our anthems are sung through the choices we make, the life we live, and the ways we act. Each verse is unsung until we make our choices, live our lives, and act our love, but the chorus is ever-constant, portraying the love of our King for His children and warriors, pilgriming to Heaven! -Mari Fahel McKimzey
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braveyunvagabond braveyunvagabond Sep 25, 2016 07:38PM
Done with publishing The Wofford Cycle! Now I can begin writing poetry in Sun Dance, Moon Charm! XD
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1,000 Ways To Say Goodbye
Poetry to get through suicidal ideation.
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The World Of Fragathia Encyclopedia
A book explaining races, cities and creatures in the imagined world of Anthem Unsung Chronicles
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The Time Master's Apprentice by braveyunvagabond
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Momoru is the Realm Protector. Partial to the form of a tabby cat, Momoru can bridge into realms of the unkno...
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