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i dont post stories anymore but my dms are always open <33

my discord server: https://discord.gg/DHSQ4nb

- She/her pronouns plz :3
- This account is actual trash
- Not to be homo but undyne's pretty hot
- You have issues too? Join my cult!
- Stay back because i have a Rootie-tootie point and shootie
- John Green books are my life fite me >:3
- Once I told someone to get dunked on during UNO :/
- I'm emotionally attached to fictional characters
- Honestly I'm kinda gay for Vriska too
- That was a lie I'm actually HELLA gay for Vriska owO
- I'm that one overly supportive friend
- I don't hate on anybody or any fictional characters or fandoms or such
- Vore is also disgusting :0
- If you like incest or are that one person who commented on my art book that quote unquote 'Gamzee is Daddy' then get the fuck off my account bc I hate you :)
- I do arts :3
- Yup I'm an introvert
- Anyways have a good day ^w^

Some quick shit about me:
Age: ha ha no
Gender: Female, she/her
Sign: Scorpio
Patron troll: Kanaya
B'day: 13th Nov
My favourite stuff-
Fandom currently: fucking hetalia
Anime: YOI
Animation meme: Close up
Colour: teal
Song: coffee
Animal: doggo
Creepypasta: Psychosis
Movie: the bee movie
Game: Undertale
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bowlofpineapple bowlofpineapple Jun 10, 2020 01:40AM
gaymers i made a discord server (again)https://discord.gg/DHSQ4nbplease join<3
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