hi my name is saidy castellanos and im 18 years old. i graduated from vallivue high in idaho and i'm a very happy person. i love my life. im mexican and i speak english not spanish. lol i can't speak one word in spanish i can understand, i just can't speak it. my grandma always tells me to learn spanish and sometimes she yells at my mom for that. i love music. um im a book nerd. i love to do gymnastics and my favorite bands are Eyes Set to Fire and plenty more...im a very weird person even though im very happy. i don't drink or do drugs because i think its pointless and thats all...if you want to know more write to me
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The Fire Inside Of Me (Walking Dead Fan Fiction)

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Description: Nikita is 17 years old and 3 months pregnant. She lived with her grandparents in California before the apocalypse. When she was 6 years old, Nikita was taken away from her family to be raised right by her gran...


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Flaming desire!

Flaming desire!

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