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Anyways, We make book covers and enjoy making them too!
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They are the people who you can choose from to make your book cover.

@dotldagupen / @dotldagupen1 made this company and if you need to talk to her and such check out her pages and let her know somehow. :)

Okay guys this is how it works:

Step 1: You fill out the form
- Title
- Subtitles ( if any )
- Author
- Summary
- Main Characters (and how they act)
- Mood
- Who you want the Characters to be in real life
- Suggestion
- Book cover maker ( who you want to do it ) - tag them using '@'

Step 2: You send us the form in either PM or the thread that is available on the club 'Book Covers' or on the shoutout board below ( tagging the person who you want to do your book cover).

Step 3: We send you the link or photo of your book cover in either the Msg board below (with your name tagged) or we send it to you in the thread available on the club 'Book Covers' (with your name tagged).

Step 4: You fan and dedicate a chapter to your book cover maker, just fan or just dedicate. Please bare in mind that the person who made your book cover worked really hard on it.
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tittle:sana ako na lang ulit
      summary:the girl was not truly believe in destiny because when she was a young girl she admired a man who is very handsome but when she tell to the guy that she has a felling to him the guy rejected her so in that day she never believe in destiny till one guy came to her life and tell to her that she really love her but the girl never trust anymore so she reject the boy and then after so many years she realiza that she love the boy but when she came back to the boy...it us going to marry in another girl...that's all
      main characters:
      who you want the characters to be in real life:
      -love as nadine lustre
      -carter as james reid
      I want it to be a love problem theme then theres a smile with the boy while the girl is crying...
      I know its very___but pls.
      .make it real and beautiful
      Book cover maker: