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Said weirdo is incapable of saying no to food, is a stalker and a hardcore pessimist.

~~They said she was lost. She said she was making her own destiny.~~

🖖🏻Currently, in her third year of computer science engineering, Madhu is an avid reader and foodie and goes by her pen-name, Shika.
🖖🏻Her favourite pass times include reading classics and re-reading Harry Potter for the nth time, travelling and binge-watching TV shows with a jar of Nutella.
🖖🏻She is an adrenaline junkie, a hardcore supporter of monarchy and loves extreme sports, curses worse than a sailor, a professional procrastinator, LGBTQ+ supporter and a hater of stereotypes.

~~Take me to wonderland.~~

~~But my dear, this is not wonderland and you are not Alice.~~

✔️She'd choose:
beard over abs
pizza over people
bikes over cars
vodka over wine
emojis over texts

🤗Her spams are reserved for:
@JettaFrame - soulmate across the world 🍆🍅
@soundarya_bharati - babe and co-author 🍟🍦

Definite NO's:
❌Judgy eyes
❌read for read or vote for vote *shrugs*

📌📌For stalking purposes
SNAPCHAT: madhu_nimeshika

💩 Feel free to drop a message on my board or pm me for anything. I love to hear from y'all!

😏Now, who's giving her food?
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