Welcome to my rabbit hole, 
Sorry, Alice just left through the back door.

I am:
⚬ incapable of saying no to food
⚬ a hardcore pessimist
⚬ a monarchist
⚬ unempathetic
⚬ a self-diagnosed clinomaniac

*inserts a touching quote*

I'd choose:
⚬ beard over abs
⚬ pizza over people
⚬ bikes over cars
⚬ vodka over wine
⚬ emojis over texts

• I don't write very often because of my hectic college schedule so please do not expect regular updates •

My spams are reserved for:
@JettaFrame 🍆🍅 and @soundarya_bharati 🍟🍦

I do not tolerate:
❌Judgy eyes (Who are you? My relatives?!)
❌read for read
❌vote for vote

📌📌For stalking purposes
Instagram: @that_adrenaline_junkie
Twitter: @_nutellalove_
SNAPCHAT: @madhu_nimeshika (WARNING! I SPAM!)

💩 PM for... I'll listen to you talk about pretty much everything.

😏Now, who's giving me food?
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