Hellooo and welcome, I'm currently in university and here's a little more about myself:

I love many many shows, but right now I'm really into Daredevil. Bands are life- some of my favorites are Paramore, Fall Out Boy, and Twenty One Pilots.

Always have and always will be in love with Spiderman.

Reading and writing take me away from my life and I love it.

I care too much for fictional characters.

I usually laugh a lot. I love my friends and family ♡ My faith keeps me strong.

You've managed to come to my page might as well say hello! :D

Currently writing and updating: A VS A
please check it out!

Tumblr: savinghellskitchenwithmatty.tumblr.com
Instagram: beyzanurwho (message me, so I'll know who you are lol)
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bookloverbeyza bookloverbeyza Oct 01, 2015 05:16AM
It's September 30th! And I didn't finish the story :( In my defense I started university last week, and moved in a week before that. It's been a little hectic adjusting. I doubt anyone even cares, bu...
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Odd Excuse for Poetry

Social data: 293 reads. 14 votes. 27 comments.

Description: When I feel strong emotion, I write things down and call them poetry. Hope u enjoy these :)


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