a human being..
i'm bridgette mae ugalde, i'm a sophomore, i live in the philippines
i'm not that good in english.. but i hope you can understand my stories...
in love? well, maybe.. XD
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    Quezon City, Philippines
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boogsheart boogsheart Apr 03, 2011 01:13PM
I'm revising the Canerson plus Felicidad is equal to war... share :))
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after the breakup (book 2 of Boys)

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Description: This is the best and the worst year of my life! I just broke up with my boyfriend 7 days ago... and now, he is like bitter to me. He flirts with another girl, and enjoying it. He took all of my friends. Becaus...

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Where's my happy ending?

Where's my happy ending?

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-Title -

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It's about a friend-zoned girl, who's moving on. I can't think of a title, and cover photo. I'll just ch...

There Goes my Knight

There Goes my Knight

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When I went up, the wind from my window wooshed against me. Then it became calm. That's creepy. But I ge...



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audrey is a province girl who is gifted in art. she went to the city and worked as a maid in a rich man'...


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