if you receive this massage that mean you deserve all the love in this world✅don't let other people put you down✅ you are amazing and you should know you are✅hope whoever receive or read this massage will have a amazing and amazing life ahead of you✅i want to applaud you to still be here enjoy your life together✅
          -goodluck on your life, love<3
          -wish you all the best in life, bby<3


I just stumbled upon this account again and I have to say that when I was 13, I was a huge fan of your writing. It still has impacted me today :) Thank you so much for making so many people happy with your writing!


Hello there Bonnie!!
          I am hosting a friendly competition called the Gravity Falls Watty Awards and am wondering if you'd like to enter your two successful works? 
          Thank you very much!