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[JaimePreciado] A Few Heartbeats Away

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[OliverSykes] The Only Way I'll Really Smile

[OliverSykes] The Only Way I'll Really Smile

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Soul Mates. Noun. A person with whom one has a strong affinity, shared values and tastes, and often a...

In Her City

In Her City

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"All you have to do is make her fall in love with you."

[MikeFuentes] I Want to Burst Into Flames

[MikeFuentes] I Want to Burst Into Flames

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The third, and final, story in the I Want trilogy.

[JackBarakat] You're The One [Spin-Off | I'm The Only One]

[JackBarakat] You're The One [Spin-Off | I'm The Only One]

5.1K 182 77

Continuation of Alex Gaskarth - I'm The Only One.

Thank you for your criticism. I'm sorry you find it awkward. From my experience, there are people who enjoy the style. I respect you for making your own opinion. However, next time, I don't need to know if you will continue to read my story or not. But, like I said, thank you for your comment. I have improved my writing style at lot since this story was written. If you do like Pierce the Veil stories, some of the newer ones are written in a different style. It's up to you if you want to read it. Hopefully, if you do, you'll enjoy it more than this one.
I'm slowly losing my patience. A lot of the stories I wrote, are old. They're from when I was in high school, and I had a lot going on in my life. I was dealing with a lot of things that caused inner and social turmoil. Instead of editing the "chapters", I posted them because I wanted to. What I wrote was for me. I simply made them available to you all. I understand that not everyone is going to like what I write or how I wrote my stories. I am completely open to respectful, constructive criticism. Lately, I have been getting emails of comments that aren't very respectful or constructive. And for a while, I ignored it. Everyone has their own opinion and they're more than welcome to share their opinions. However, if you dislike something, don't continue reading and then comment again. I'm sure this goes for a lot of other writers on this site. This website has become something like a chore. I dislike sharing stories on here, because as I mature and find myself as a person, I find myself not wanting to write fan-fiction. I find that I don't want to write for all of you - some of who are extremely rude and ungrateful. I refuse to be treated the way some of you have been treating me. I am a human being. I write for my pleasure. All my new stories, that I do edit and that I do hope to publish some day, will not be posted on here. For the people who have stuck with me and been there for me this whole time, I thank you so very much. You mean the world to me. I'm sorry that some people have ruined this site for me, and that I refuse to share my original stories on a site that is so childish and immature. To those immature and childish, I do not hate you. I simply don't think you matter in my life. Of course you are important! Do NOT think that I am saying you're not. You're extremely important. But, I've decided to stop letting you play an important role in my life. Sorry for the long rant. I guess this is my goodbye. I'll come on to check message here and there. Much love.
Hi all. So, I'm almost half way done with college, which means for a month, I don't work and have time to write. I've been writing a lot of original stories, that I most likely will not post on here, because my originals get no feedback or love. So, if there is something that you want me to update, please let me know. Because if not, I will not be that active on Wattpad. Love you all!