A happy belated merry Christmas/ festive greetings.
          	Having been knocked out with flu since Christmas Day,  I haven't been very merry sadly.  However, I have just posted Chapter 3 of The Assistant.
          	Wishing you all a fantastic 2018 and thanking you for all your support in 2017 and the last five years.
          	Happy and peaceful New Year xx
          	ps Splinter updates are coming soon.


I am really glad that I found 'The Numbered' when I was looking for an interesting yet thrilling story at the same time. It really really is great! But I'm kinda wondering if you came across a movie entitled 'Hanna'? 'Cause I kinda envision the protagonist in the movie as the Hanna in your story. As well as the antagonist in the movie reminds me of Briggs. Both of the antagonists started a series of experiments to produce the perfect 'soldier' or rather 'citizen' that meets their expectations. I don't know if it's just me, though I still like your story more. I wish you best in all of your future endeavours.


Hi, hope all is well. Just finished reading The Numbered and it's really awesome. Hoping for a sequel.❤❤❤


I was looking for a good read for a couple of days and came across The Numbered. Reading over the comments left for that book persuaded me to give it a shot. Can I just say, I am so glad that I took the chance to read the book otherwise I would have missed an amazing read. The Numbered kept me hooked till the end and how the characters developed - utterly amazing !
          Huge fan of Scott !
          I hope there will be a sequel to this book, I just don't want to put this book away.


Just finished The Numbered and I just had to tell you how amazing the plot and the characters are!! I really connected to Hannah and I cried when she did, laughed when she did and probably shipped her and Scott together a bit too much  All in all, you wrote an amazing book!!! Loved every bit of it x


Are you planning on finishing the path?? It is so good so far I just need to know how it ends 


Hi there! I am halfway through your book The Numbered, and I must say it kind of stuck to me! It's really awesome, and I love each character very much. The way it flows together is flawless XD 
          I definitely would recommend it to all my Wattpad buddies! ❤
          Enjoy the rest of your day/night
          F.J. Stadler :)


Hi! I just finished reading The Numbered. It was amazing and honestly I hope there'll be a sequel. Teehee. Keep it up. You're a great author. Thanks for writing such awesome story! xx

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