I feel obligated to put an 'About Me' up. Here are just some handy facts to know.

~ I am a child at heart, yet I was born 30 and continue to grow older and wiser.
~ I am a perfectionist when it comes to it. It's hard to start, but once I'm going it has to be perfect.
~ I have an unruly obsession with Batman, Wonder Woman, Scooby Doo, and the Disney Classics.
~ I'm a cynic, but at times an optimist.
~ I have high, almost unachievable goals for myself.
~ I love reading, if I have the time. Currently, I love the Classics. Books that are famous even today, like the ones we read in class.
~ I wish to learn and become fluent in Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, and perhaps if I have time Latin.
~ I love adrenaline activites. Sky-diving is the top of my to-do list.
~ I desperately want a tattoo for my eighteenth birthday.
~ I love to travel. I want to see the world.
~ I have a fear of clowns and people who are dressed in costume when it is not Halloween. Halloween is the only exception to wear a costume. Otherwise, I assume that you are terminally insane and want to kill me.
~ I don't believe in relationships. I am genetically programmed to want to be independent, and I accept that fact willingly.
~ Right now, my life consists of school. Either high school or college. Considering my senior year is rapidly approaching, college is the top issure on my mind.
~ I love using words that aren't normally used.
~ I'm an introvert. Society frustrates me some days. That is why I like to write. Society isn't disfunctional. It's changeable, flexible.

Any questions or concerns? I hope not, because I'm content with myself, my bitter-sweet, sarcastic, and lovable self.
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False Expectations by bluntlytrue
False Expectations Humor
October has never had it easy. Upon entering high school, she knew that she wanted to change, and changed she did. By her senior year, she was no longer the weak, little girl that she used to be. Now she was fierce...
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