i think y'all deserve an explanation as to why i unpublished 'words'.
          	that was the first book i'd ever written about two years ago, so ofc my writing was very uncultivated and lacking.
          	and that bothers me -- a lot.  
          	i can't find feeling in my writing, and especially can't in 'words'. and when others tell me how they find that book meaningful, i can't see it, can't find where they find it. the words in that book, especially, feel bland and shallow, it feels mocking.
          	i feel that way towards my other books too, no lie, but 'words' takes it on an entirely different level.


@blueviews no joke i always come back in your acc, your book change my life


@blueviews As an 'author' myself, I often look back on my work and wonder how I or anyone ever thought it was any good, but even though I want to rip it all up and start fresh with something new, I understand that some people appreciate my work light years more than I ever will. That's how I felt with words. It's, to this day, one of the few books I've cried about for days, and then still read back through to relive the torture. I hope you know how much words means to your audience, even if you can't see it's merit, because I wish I could write like that.


I hope someday you will release a book where you can actually feel it :) would have loved t read your book "words" again not gonna lie , but I respect your decision and the way you feel about it.


Last night was the second time a book made me cry. *stars* in the two last pages I was listening to *One more I love you _ Alex Warren* and i couldn't not cry. Stars is a great book. Thank you for it♡


yall I been locked outta my main account and created this backup jus to let everyone know this. I'm active on insta @x.29.i




T_T you are amazing


your work is amazing, I read both notifications and words last year and ever since then I’ve missed your work so much. I hope you’re doing amazing pls take care ! we love you a lot!


we <3 u, and ur work :)


It's been 3 years. I still love your work. Hoping the best for you and wish you'd be back soon, happy and healthy.