Hello there !!! How goes it?

How i found out about wattpad ? idk i cant remember i just know i was really bored that summer and wanted to read books

you guys should check out @skydancer stories there really funny especially living high school to the fullest and my cousins story Blind Beauty by @JamieRobles1 My 2 favorite authors on wattpad along with

@hmmcghee - her book Love untold is just amazing
@Amyscence - his stories are just too funny
@CjArcher - her book the medium is so good if your into paranormal readings and Ghost its also a trilogy which you can buy on itunes

Uno: i can be awkward at times im not afraid to admit that and random....

Due: i speak Spanish so eventually ill read a story in Spanish since its hard for me to read and write in spanish im not fluent at all i sound like a beginner when i speak spanish and i know a couple phrases in Italian and Japanese (Because i watch to many animes)

Tre: Equality :D dont assume crap especially if you dont know the person, and respect.

Quattro: I am a major bandgeek I've been one for 10 years :D an I am a college student who loves amines and pandas

cinque: These numbers are in Italian :D Sayonara! feel free to chat with me :D
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blueclarinet blueclarinet Jun 17, 2013 06:24AM
@HimekoCHI your welcome and thanks :D by the way you have great taste in anime 
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