I will continue CAGED.
I'm addicted to YAOI manga.
My stories are inspired by them.
I teach Japanese students.
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Description: You cannot give what you do not have. Kyungsoo gave everything to Jongin. Jongin took and took everything until Kyungsoo had nothing left to give. Kyungsoo loves him, but Jongin used him. He wants to move on, but Jongin wants him back.

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"The Deal" (Completed)

"The Deal" (Completed)

5.3K 166 17

Kyungsoo made a pact with satan. In return for his eternal life, he sold his soul to him, which happens...

"CAGED" -The Mafia's Bought Lover- (YAOI/ boyXboy )

"CAGED" -The Mafia's Bought Lover- (YAOI/ boyXboy )

368K 4.5K 915

In Shohei's dark,wealthy world where money makes the world go round, SEX is everywhere,you can do it wit...

#580 in Romance
"CAGED" The Restricted Version

"CAGED" The Restricted Version

12K 176 36

WARNING! This contains Rated R scenes from my beloved book "CAGED". If you're below 18 and are homophobi...

"No strings Attached"

"No strings Attached"

3.3K 70 21

They were rival in showbiz industry, hated each others guts and repels like cat and dog every time they...

I'm going to wait for Caged next update, even if I have to wait another year just to read a new chapter, I will have to wait..
      So please update. I really Love your story <3 XOXO
aawww it's a pity that I only found your amazing works just now. I'm not already finish reading Caged but I really like it!!  and when I got to check your other works I was like OH MY GOD KAISOO IS HERE!  
      Fighting Unnie I'm really looking forward to your stories ^_^