I talk a lot.  Just warning you <3    
The name's Bond, James Bond.

It's my party, I'll dance if I want to

Know that I love you, and when we finally face that fateful day when we shall inevitably part, if I do not say it, know that it wasn't because I didn't want to, but because I didn't have time <3


Accents are s-e-x-y. Just saying.

Hambre and Hombre are two very different things, I discovered.
I love taking pictures! And editting, and buying dresses.
The world at present is passing away...

Now people are starting to ask what I actually plan on doing with my life. 'Being a princess' doesnt have the same effect as it used to.

The easiest way to keep a secret is without help.
And may the force be with you.

Blondee <3
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