I thought completing a chapter is easy since I already prepared a draft for the story. But just filling out the blank making sure the story is consistent is the toughest challenge yet. 
          	Thankfully I don’t have a career as an author. As I could imagine how stressful my editor will be waiting for me to finish the story.


@blesfire I hope you update "Lie Once, Lie A Hundred Times".


@blesfire Your gonna update the Lie once and lie hundred times soon??


Crown prince, let's break up and lie once, lie a hundred times are so good! what a masterpiece please if you're still in wattpad and can see this update or just let us know that you're okay.. 
          hoping there not drop I really really enjoyed rereading these three! fighting author. 


Umm, hello dear author , so I'm kinda worried about you since you haven't been in touch with us for so long so u just wanna ask if your alright??
          Sorry if this kinda offended you!!!