Yo! My name's Katie; I'm an overly energetic high school teenager that embarrasses my friends every day! I love food, Lacrosse, and doing homework. LoL just kidding I hate homework, I have the procrastination disease. Please go to my go fund me and donate to help cure my disease. Anyways one cool and weird talent I have is that I can solve a Rubix cube with my feet! I've only done it once, and that's all I need to say that I can do it! Yeet! By now I've probably scared all my poor readers away... I should probably stop. 


One thing you must know about me is that I have a step-dog! You read me write... LoL, read me write. Shut up! I don't laugh at my own jokes! Ya, I have a step-dog cause my dad re-married, and my step-mom has a dog. His name is Miles, and he has superpowers. Apparently, he hates my dad and always begins barking five seconds before he walks into the house. Superpowers! You'll see that one day my dog will be the next super-man! I should probably talk about me more and not my dog... Hmmmm what is interesting about me... Oh! I can make my tongue into a flower; it's super gross. I also have an annoying older brother. He pushed me down the stairs once! Go to my go fund me and donate for all my injuries. Oh, shoot I'm not talking about me again.


I love watching gaming videos! My favorite YouTubers are Vanossgaming, Im Suda, Fitz, and PEEEEWDIEPIE!!!. Sorry, I have problems. Go to my go fund me and donate for the millions and billions of problems I have. If I'm not at school and have temporarily recovered from the procrastination disease then I'm either on Youtube or Wattpad. I never hang out with my friends outside of school cause I'm weird like that. Don't go to my go fund me this time that's what my pillow is for; He stands in for all of my friends and all of my anime husbands! Yay! I can feel the judgment through my computer screen as I'm typing this I'm scared! Don't hurt me. No! I have no more room to talk stupid 2000 charact-
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One Piece x Reader
Y/N eats the life for death fruit by accident thinking that it was just another fruit from the grocery list...
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Oikawa's Little Brother
What if Oikawa Tooru had an idiot brother just like himself? Oikawa Rei takes after his older brother, not on...
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Oikawa X Male OC
A mute volleyball player? Kazutou fell in love with volleyball as a child. Mainly because his father was onc...
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