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He's My Cousin! - completed (2015)
He Was My Cousin (HMC Book 2) - ongoing
Unluckily Yours - hiatus
Make Me Forget - will be reposted soon

My Sweetest Mistake (2012)
My Only One (2012)
Our Own Commencement (2012)
We'll Meet Again (2012)
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He Was My Cousin

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Description: [He's My Cousin Book 2] They say time heals all the wounds. But what comes after healed wounds? A chance for a new beginning? Finally a happy ever after? Or just another broken heart?

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He's My Cousin!

He's My Cousin!

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Aya suddenly woke up one morning realizing that she has fell in love with her own cousin, Paolo. What ha...

Unluckily Yours

Unluckily Yours

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Beyond Infinity (Short Stories Compilation)