Been six years here, and still trying to be the infamous writer. Not so keen of roman stories, I'd prefer fantasy (which exclude the so popular vampire were hybrid whatsoever), suspense, horror and something quirky. The more quirky it is the more I'd hype on it. 

Here what knocks me out:
1. "If you suffer it is because of you, if you feel blisfull it is because of you. No one else is responsible - only you and you alone. You are your hell and your heaven too." - Osho

ps: hey you there, Id like to read it once again just once to sort this out. Yes you.
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binomialnomenklatur binomialnomenklatur Aug 13, 2015 02:46PM
Oh gawdd, there is a WAR of plagiarism in Wattpad right now! AND IT SCARES THE HELL OUT OF MEH. I dont even dare to put the accused book on my library. It seems like Ive commited a sin if I do so. Da...
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Lover and Hater

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Description: Namanya Nora Puth sampai umurnya 6 tahun. Setahun kemudian orang-orang lebih mengenalnya sebagai Nora Daker dan dia benci itu. Tapi dunia belum berpihak padanya karena cepat atau lambat ia akan menyandang nama...


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