NEPTUNE ROAD is a serial (with drawings and comics sometimes) about people living on a terra-formed Neptune - the air and water are borrowed, the surface is unstable, and the people are inventive. Welcome to Neptune Road.

UPDATE: In the near future I will be removing most of these stories and adapting the project into comics and other (paid) media. It's been a great proof-of-concept to have these up here and get everyone's feedback. Thank you so much for that. I look forward to their next incarnation. I'll leave some introductory material up here as a teaser, for you.

Thank you!
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betsystreeter betsystreeter Feb 10, 2017 07:11PM
Hello everyone, just a note to let you know I will be adapting these stories into some different media in the future, so I will leave a teaser up here but a lot of it will come down. It's been a grea...
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Stories by Betsy Streeter
Neptune Road: Philo and May by betsystreeter
Neptune Road: Philo and May Science Fiction
May found Philo in the Neptune Badlands, nothing left of him but his telly-head. After she rebuilt him from his own stored specifications, he became her seven-foot-tall friend and protector. Now the cyborg and the...
Neptune Road: Rocket Angels by betsystreeter
Neptune Road: Rocket Angels Science Fiction
[Rocket Angels is a spinoff from the Neptune Road series - for the most background read Volumes I-VI first, although it's not strictly necessary] Old Bob, Mavis, and Percy each have their reasons for bailing on Ear...
Neptune Road Volume VI by betsystreeter
Neptune Road Volume VI Science Fiction
This one is a MONSTER volume with 75 episodes! In 6A (126-150,) there are a lot of experiments going on on the experimental planet. Sam Brubeck gets caught up in one of the weirder ones. Darby and his bar are going...
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